Who we are? A leading consortium from the Northern Netherlands, experimenting with 4.0 manufacturing. We see the transformation to Industry 4.0 as a big, but complex, challenge. So we decided to do it together, to help one another, while becoming experts able to serve others.

12 Smart Factory Innovators
As representatives of this consortium, 12 SME’s will show their Smart Factory Solutions in our stand. Most of them are young, not too large, and are all innovative suppliers of Smart Factory Building blocks. From Big Data Software to smart machines, for product/process development, as well as for manufacturing. All of them are Hannover Messe debutants, which makes it extra challenging. We believe the open structure of the Netherlands offers an ideal seedbed for innovations in the field of Smart Factories. We are the specialized shops in addition to the big Department stores surrounding us. Are you a midsize-midtech manufacturer? You will feel right at home! Have a cup of coffee and see for yourselves what we have to offer!

Banner Hannover Messe 2018

Become the best version of yourself!
The Smart Factory will be the next global standard for manufacturing. So why not start today? To help you make up your mind, we have developed a special Smart Factory Self-Assessment. In less than 15 minutes you will know ‘How smart you are” and “How Smart you should be.” And don’t forget: Smart is not about the number of robots you have, but how smartly you manage your factory. During the Hannover Messe the Assessment (available in English, German and Dutch) can be filled in free of charge; via our website (password: RoSF_2018) but also at our stand.

Smart Factory Assessment

Our Hannover Messe program

Monday, April 23 at 11h35: we are very proud that our Secretary of State, Mona Keijzer and Marc Hendrikse (Chairman Dutch National Board of the High Tech Industry) will officially open Technologies Added, a RoSF spinoff. We bought an old factory, and rebuilt this as the first shared Smart Factory in the Netherlands. The opening will be performed with a spectacular Virtual Reality Application from Sense Glove. One of our partners, Hydraloop International wil also be present.

Tuesday, April 24: we will launch our Smart Factory Assessment at 11h00!

Wednesday April 25: we will host a group of 50 guests from our own region (Northern Netherlands). They will be given an extensive, customized tour around the Hannover Messe, provided by our own specialists, headed by Prof. Dr. Jan Post from Philips. The tour starts at 11h15.

Thursday, April 26 is the famous Students Day. Throughout the day, students can participate in our Smart Factory Masterclass, or experience our amazing virtual reality journey ‘through the history of industry up until the fourth industrial revolution.

Friday, April 27: no special program, resulting in plenty of time for a good conversation!

More information can be obtained from Hans Praat (mailto:praat@nom.nlof 31621518493)