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Coalition of the willing

To share the benefits of our active Smart Factory community. We realized that the transition toward a Smart… Read more

Shared vision

Because there is a big chance that we share a vision about the future of manufacturing, and that… Read more

Kick start

We have already prepared the most critical expertise necessary for a fluid transition towards a… Read more

Future proof ecostructure

Because Smart Industry is not a standalone transition, the regional ecostructure will make… Read more

Official Dutch Fieldlab

Because the Region of Smart (RoSF) is the largest of the 10 official Fieldlabs on the Dutch Smart Industry… Read more

Pick the low-hanging fruit

You would like to be an early follower/adopter and transform your factory into a Smart… Read more

The place to be

Our region, the Northern Netherlands is definitely the most ‘nearby everything-region, without the… Read more